Meet the Gals

Meet Your Greens Gals


We are Olivia and Kreagan, the green thumbs behind the scenes. Our journey into microgreens cultivation is rooted in a shared love for understanding the source of our food and the importance of knowing what is going into our bodies. (After all, they take good care of us if we let them!)

It all began when we met both doing youth work in Chicago, fueled by a passion for making a positive impact. This journey has led us to different projects with microgreens being the latest. Join us on this journey towards healthier, greener living.

So Fresh,

So Green

Our experience working in community drove us to find new avenues to fill the needs we were seeing- access to healthy food being one of the biggest!

Driven by the desire to contribute in a different way, we embarked on the path of microgreens. We believe in providing not just fresh, vibrant greens but also fostering a connection between people and their food source.


Vertical Farming

We redefine fresh and sustainable living through vertical indoor farming method. Here are some awesome benefits of choosing this route:

1. Sustainability:
By optimizing space and resources, we cultivate microgreens in a closed-loop system, minimizing water usage and eliminating the need for harmful pesticides.

2. Year-Round Abundance:
Seasonal limitations? Not here! Our set up allows us to grow microgreens year-round. Taste the freshness of every harvest.

3. Nutrient-Rich Excellence:
Our commitment to quality goes beyond aesthetics. The controlled environment of vertical farming ensures that each microgreen is packed with essential nutrients, delivering a bold flavor and nutritional profile.